16-year-old namou debuts with self-aware smash, "not a summer song"
Before The Data
Ben Frigeri
October 28th, 2021

16-year-old talent namou has burst onto the scene with an instantly lovable personality that shines through his ridiculously catchy debut single, “not a summer song”—a warm, energetic tune seeping with replay value.

Atop smooth, forward-thinking production (courtesy of Jack Laboz), namou demonstrates tongue-in-cheek songwriting with an admirable degree of self-awareness. Between its ear-worm melodies, varying vocal delivery, and clever voice-over outro, “not a summer song” packs a quick, digestible punch in a way few others could replicate—especially at this age.

namou is just getting started, but this debut single proves that he has all of the ingredients to really scale in this space.

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