Dritic Returns With Emotive Jam "Distance" feat. Lani Rose
Before The Data
Ben Frigeri
October 19th, 2021

Brisbane artist Dritic has been a BTD favorite for some time, largely due to his unique ability to tell a sonic story; today, he’s expanded on that narrative with “Distance“—an emotive, lush collaboration with Lani Rose that could make a big splash in the alt-electronic space.

Atop a muted guitar riff and thick drums, Dritic and Rose take turns lamenting a past relationship in a way that’s become almost exclusively unique to the Aussie. With all the formulaic music being released these days, Dritic's composition and writing skills are so special that we’re forced to pay attention.

Dritic’s catalogue seems to grow in stature with each new release, and with “Distance”, he’s kept that streak alive and well.

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