19-year-old newcomer Zavia unveils heart-wrenching new single, "if depression gets the best of me"
Before The Data
Kiddest Sinke
October 22nd, 2021

In the darkest of moments, Zevia transforms pain into beauty on her third single, “if depression gets the best of me"—a heart-wrenching pop ballad.⁣

Written as a letter to her loved ones, the brutally honest lyrics dive deep into Zevia's mental health journey—lamenting the back-and-forth between wanting to get better and wanting to disappear forever (but not wanting to let down the people closest to her).⁣

Unlike many others, Zevia’s angelic, powerhouse vocals are not obscured by over-production or hyper-processing. Instead, she opts for little more than piano chords, allowing her to properly bare her soul to the world.⁣

Zevia says that it's her mission to make people struggling with their mental health feel less alone, and she'll certainly be doing that with this special track.⁣

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