Gidi impresses in style with latest offering "Damned"
Ben Frigeri
October 12th, 2021

Sometimes, a song's quality is so obvious that it smacks you in the face, and that's exactly what's happened with LA-based artist Gidi's latest offering "Damned", a big, R&B-infused jam with infinite replay value.

Between the track's thumping drums, huge chorus and clever melodies, Gidi — with a tasteful feature by Jonah Mutono — has delivered a track with all of the ingredients to really go in this space. It has the type of energy you'd normally expect from a group like BROCKHAMPTON, but builds on that raw quality with a style of writing and vocal delivery entirely unique to Gidi.

We've been a fan of his work up to his point, but "Damned" feels like a promising inflection point for Gidi, so make sure you're getting familiar.

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