Arkansas hidden gem Macky drops bouncy alt-pop track "we don't need no diamond rings"
Before The Data
Kiddest Sinke
December 6th, 2021

Working out of his bedroom in Arkansas, 19-year-old macky infuses his eccentric personality and humor into feel-good alt-pop tracks which, beneath the surface, reveal heartfelt writing with impressive emotional-depth.

His latest single, “we don’t need no diamond rings”, is a bouncy, high-energy collaboration with bby nova about young love that transcends financial hardship. A mature evolution of macky's sound, the track envelops listeners in its vibey atmosphere, gorgeous guitar, delicately distorted vocals, and a sample of Kanye West screaming (according to macky's TikTok).

Be sure to check this one out while it's still fresh; we promise you’ll be singing along in no time.

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