Hush Forte's vulnerability is a superpower on experimental alt-hip-hop album, 'LOOK CLOSELY'
Before The Data
Kiddest Sinke
November 12th, 2021

South Florida-raised artist Hush Forte uses vulnerability like a superpower, creating introspective, experimental alt hip-hop tracks that explore existential dread like no other.

On his self-produced sophomore album, 'LOOK CLOSELY', Hush bares his soul, inviting listeners on a journey through the thoughts that haunt him at night. Blending genres freely, the album is packed with risks and gems, meshing catchy R&B-pop hooks, alt-rock guitar riffs, contemplative rap flows, and atmospheric production. The result is both surrealist and comforting, leaving us feeling a little more understood in our struggles.

'LOOK CLOSELY' thrives by not just portraying the complexities of Hush Forte, but of the human experience in general, making for a personal, relatable, forward-thinking project that indicates a lengthy career ahead.

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