20-year-old Stockholm-born Graham Lake demands attention with exhilarating fringe-pop track, “Run Em Down”
Before The Data
Kiddest Sinke
March 7th, 2022

20-year-old Stockholm-born singer-songwriter-producer Graham Lake demands attention with “Run Em Down”, an exhilarating piece of fringe-pop with dark, brooding guitars, feisty vocals, and dance-worthy melodies.

Refreshing and unpredictable, Graham pushes the expectations of pop to a risky level. There's a certain satisfaction in his sonic decisions—the bouncy baseline, the distorted guitar, the witty lyricism—that effectively hypes up the listener. British rapper Avelino also adds a dynamic layer with his powerful flow and honest lyricism.

Pleasantly chaotic, “Run em Down” is the ideal a high-energy anthem for your day.

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