21-year-old Thavoron shows promise in alt scene with angelic cut, "bend, OR"
Before The Data
Kiddest Sinke
November 4th, 2021

It's become increasingly rare for us to find songs that hit with enough force to give us goosebumps, but Seattle-based artist Thavoron has provided just that with standout cut “bend, or” off his debut album, Ugly.

An atmospheric alt-rock track, “bend, OR” envelops the listener in an angelic soundscape created by Thavoron’s timeless vocals, minimalist guitar plucking, and heavenly melodies. Beneath the soothing sonics, though, lies a bittersweet pain told through cleverly-written lyrics about love's temporality, and the difficulties of loving someone when you never learned to love yourself.

With such a powerful track and all-around project, Thavoron is certain to shake up the alt-music scene.

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