August 16th, 2022

CASEY’s second single, "I Don’t Mind", is a proud anthem, especially for Gen Z-ers uncertain about what the future holds. Laid over a deceptively simple bass line, CASEY cunningly sings about her fantasy desk-job, managing expectations from her parents, and her faux-desire to buy a Tesla. 

With crisp vocals and an enchanting instrumental, CASEY, the LA based artist, offers a track that can’t be ignored. Not much is known about her, but those who listen to this track are sure to want more.

July 28th, 2022

Monroe Jordan’s latest track, "Jody", takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through the trials and tribulations of a failing relationship.

Jordan, a 22-year-old alternative R&B artist from Columbus, OH, has been making music since 2018. With gentle, soothing vocals and impassioned lyrics laid over minimalist acoustic guitar, “Jody” is a refreshingly genuine love song that stands out in the current sea of R&B music.

As his third release this year, "Jody" proves Monroe Jordan is on a hot streak and shows no signs of stopping.

If this song sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is. Chicago artist-producer NOT THE TWOS has had a breakthrough year, with his debut track, “PARADISE”, featured as a theme throughout Kendrick Lamar’s 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers'.

Whether it’s the carefully weighted percussion, airy vocals or unique instrumentation choices, this track thrives in space and sequencing. Some of the best artists leverage the fact that, often times, less is more, and “PARADISE” is perhaps the best example of this sentiment that we’ve heard in quite awhile.

In “PARADISE”, NOT THE TWOS has delivered a debut track brimming with quality, and only leaves us more excited for what he’ll do next.

July 21st, 2022

21-year-old New Zealand-based artist Will Swinton shows versatility on his sophomore single, “All For You", a folk-infused pop ballad written and recorded from his bedroom.

Delivered with the swagger of massive hip-hop/pop artists like Kid Laroi or Post Malone, Swinton showcases raspy vocals with powerful vibrato over a combination of harmonica, percussion, and acoustic guitar—making for an out-of-the-ordinary overall sound.

After seemingly departing from TikTok, where he garnered hundreds of thousands of fans doing comedy (as indicated in his "Who Is" clip), Will is carving out a promising space for himself in music—we can’t wait to see what he drops next. 

July 19th, 2022

In his debut single, LA-based artist NUFFER “caught the disease of Big Brain.” Hiding behind an eclectic mix of sounds and distortions, he sings wearily of all the symptoms of his new disease. 

Co-produced with his friend Alex Agresti, "Big Brain" sets the bar high for NUFFER, so stay tuned for the rest of his EP set to release on August 16th.

Last year, Montreal-born artist Soran marked a new chapter in his career with his latest project, 'Space Boy'.

Nothing short of spectacular, the must-listen title track introduces syrupy smooth vocals in the verses before exploding in the hook. Thick and layered production (which we wouldn't usually expect from Soran) gives the track its fresh, experimental nature; this is a shining display of an artist not getting comfortable with their art.

We encourage everyone to give this song a spin, and if you’re digging it, make sure to give the rest of the EP a listen. Songs like “What If” and “Tired” offer something different, but are equally great. 

Sacramento artist Jamo's third single, “GIRL”, is woozy, jazz-influenced alt-r&b, ideal for summertime adventures.

From his raspy vocals to his boisterous attitude, Jamo stands out with this warm and cozy earworm.

He's already gotten some tastemaker attention, but it's still super early for the budding talent—now is your chance to join his journey early on.

Heartbreak can be all-consuming, and the London-based indie-rock singer Siobhán is no stranger to that.

On her debut track, she captures the feeling of unexpected loss—the way it sucks you in like a black hole—and the heartbreak that comes along with it. Walking that line between emotional indie-ballad and upbeat bedroom-bop, “Black Hole” engulfs you in its vulnerable lyrics, dreamy vocals, and warm guitar.

Like a page ripped out of Siobhan’s diary, this song has spoken to us in a million different ways. Take a listen and let this song leave its mark on you in the same way it has on us.

Greatly inspired by a love for the underwater world, 21-year-old, LA-based artist Quinnie takes us for a deep-dive into her romantic life on her new aquatic-themed single “Touch Tank.” 

Vibrant and playful, “Touch Tank” celebrates intimate and vulnerable moments—specifically between people who are falling in love. quinnie immediately captures your ear with soft but spunky vocals over gentle acoustic guitar. Building with each verse and exploding in the choruses, quinnie creates a dynamic, sentimental soundscape that rises and falls—kind of like the ocean.

An addictive ear worm accompanied by aquatic visuals, “Touch Tank” will consume your mind (and TikTok feed) all summer long.

The journey to self-discovery can be a long and bumpy road, but 27-year-old Australian indie-pop artist Phoebe Go has embraced it, debuting her solo project with a heartfelt track, “We Don’t Talk.”

A nostalgic, guitar-driven track with confessional lyrics and wistful vocals that haunt you long after the song ends, “We Don’t Talk” intimately portrays Phoebe’s experiences with self-discovery, escapism and confronting one’s emotions.

Light sounding yet lyrically heavy, this song is a song that grips you with its vulnerability, and that—despite its title—begs to be talked about. Needless to say, it’s only a matter of time until Phoebe Go soars to the top of people's radar.

Despite releasing some seriously good music over the last couple years, California-based artist keni can fly has flown relatively under the radar.

His latest, “99’ pollen”, is a track that demands attention and should absolutely change that. Pulling influences from modern rap, Keni is pushing sonic boundaries with his vibrantly layered production, whilst his hazy vocals and expressive lyricism combine perfectly to create a track that feels both fresh and timeless. 

There’s a lot to love here, and we’re certain keni can fly is on an upward trajectory. We can’t wait to see what he drops next, but one thing's for sure: we’re going to be spinning this for a while. 

June 3rd, 2022

Syndey-based artist and Triple J featured producer Roy Bing has teamed up with fellow Aussies Olive Amun and BOI on a new introspective lo-fi-pop track titled "Dosey Doe", in which they explore the uncertainties of blossoming relationships.

It is clear from Bing's discography that he is pushing himself out of his comfort zone on this one, exploring new genres, which is refreshing to see. But what brings this track to the next level is the vocal performance. A team of rising stars, Olive Amun combines his laid-back approach and thoughtful lyricism with BOI's velvety vocals; it's clear this song was destined to be an earworm from the beginning. 

June 2nd, 2022

Lyrical delivery can make or break a track, but this skill appears effortless for 22-year-old singer-writer-producer iHATEYOUTRAVY. His recent song, "HATE ME", showcases linguistic maturity while also blending genres in a more accessible hyperpop style.

Travy's aptitude isn't hard to believe; he's already worked with lots of significant up-and-coming talent as a producer and co-writer, appearing to be in an ideal environment for creative growth. With his current trajectory, iHATEYOUTRAVY no doubt has big things on the horizon.

If there's anything that can't be taught, it's an artist's vocal tone, and it doesn't take a genius to recognize how special CD Rose's is. Today, we're shining a light on her 2021 project, Take Your Own Advice—a dynamic, refreshing take on R&B.

Between her unique delivery style (evident in ear-worm "Hold Me Down") and impressive performance (shown in "Fall Back"), there's a qualitative through-line that doesn't go any further than a star-caliber vocal.

April 27th, 2022

Velow has been making noise in Toronto recently, amassing local press looks and even a shout from Apple Music's Ebro Darden; after listening to his latest single, "Tell Em How You Feel", it's clear that this attention is warranted. With a dedicated, growing fan-base and a handful of serious cosigns, Velow won't be Toronto's best kept secret much longer.

Oxford-born Max Armfield has been steadily developing with every song he drops, but it’s his most recent, “blocked,” that will certainly turn heads. 

The self-produced track starts with what sounds like a voice note, lending to its DIY feel, before Max displays his gritty, ear-catching vocals. Atop the plucky guitar loop, the song builds out with assistance from Artemas on the hard-hitting drums. 

Although this song is akin to early Dominic Fike, make no mistake—Max has his own path, and we’re excited to see where he goes.

April 18th, 2022

25-year-old, Pittsburgh-born artist Remy Sabel is a hidden gem. He's just released his debut single, "Hysteria", which blends rock and R&B with elements of pop and psychedelia, packed with chorus-drenched guitar, rich bass, and punchy drums.

Despite Remy's under-the-radar status, the quality of this track should not come as a surprise; he's been writing and recording since he was 15, patiently waiting to share his music with the world. All things considered, we've no doubt this is only the beginning for Remy Sabel. 

21-year-old, New Jersey born singer/songwriter/producer superflirt has one of the best debut singles of the year on his hands with “Sober,” a nostalgic, ‘80s-inspired indie-pop ear worm.

Boasting lush, layered vocals, fluttering guitar, and booming drums, "Sober" is inspired by the likes of music legends, like Prince and Fleetwood Mac, as well as newer artists, like Japanese House and Jeremy Zucker. The resulting sound feels both timeless and innovative.

Superflirt draws from his own experiences attending parties as the only person sober to create an anthem for anyone who has ever felt out-of-place at an event—whether that’s because they don’t drink, or simply because they don’t fit the stereotypical mold of the people occupying the space.

April 12th, 2022

Britney Stoney is a young singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Detroit. Having only released three songs officially since 2017, she's created buzz in her local scene, but took an extended hiatus from releasing music. Now, she's back with her first song in four years, "Missin U".

This one is a real treat, offering lush synths, knocking drums, and powerful vocals, all bound to resonate when you're missing someone. Stoney displays an authentic and dedicated approach to her craft, and appears to be in the perfect environment to pique curiosity and creativity. Expect more from the budding talent.

Manchester is home to a plethora of talented, emerging artists, and Lei Hope is the latest on the list to really grab our attention. After first catching our attention with his debut EP, released late last year, he’s back with an exceptionally delicate performance on “a sad song”.

The 21-year-old's refreshing, DIY-nature brings a blend of ethereal songwriting with effortless-sounding vocal harmonies; added strings build out the track, making it perfect for those cozy days inside.

We’re in love with this song, and encourage everyone to give Lei a follow and get acquainted asap.

Despite his limited catalog, Georgia-based artist Namou has already displayed entirely unique traits—specifically through his writing perspective. Today, the 16-year-old talent returns with "to the outer rim and back", a light, genre-bending love song that we've got stuck on repeat.

From earworm vocal melodies to Bossa-inspired guitars and drums (courtesy of Jack Laboz), this one seeps with versatility. With an infectious personality and unabashed authenticity, Namou has all of the ingredients to really go.

In "to the outer rim and back", Namou takes another leap in his already-promising career, so make sure you're getting familiar.

March 22nd, 2022

Rarely does the word “iconic” apply to a brand-new artist's sound and voice, but with, “Light and Dark”, an excellent new single from London newcomer Dré Six, we’re hearing something that truly stands out.

With a vocal tone and songwriting style reminiscent of Tracy Chapman, Dré Six has that rare, immediate appeal that only comes with something genuinely special.

We know very little about Dré Six, but based on the replay value of this one, you can count us hooked on this kid.

20-year-old Stockholm-born singer-songwriter-producer Graham Lake demands attention with “Run Em Down”, an exhilarating piece of fringe-pop with dark, brooding guitars, feisty vocals, and dance-worthy melodies.

Refreshing and unpredictable, Graham pushes the expectations of pop to a risky level. There's a certain satisfaction in his sonic decisions—the bouncy baseline, the distorted guitar, the witty lyricism—that effectively hypes up the listener. British rapper Avelino also adds a dynamic layer with his powerful flow and honest lyricism.

Pleasantly chaotic, “Run em Down” is the ideal a high-energy anthem for your day.

21-year-old Boston-native Tyler Loyal has earned his first appearance on our pages after making quite the impression with “Still Mine”, his most recent single.

Detailing a toxic love story, Tyler flexes ear-catching melodies atop R&B-trap-inspired production. His confident vocal performance is nothing short of impressive, and fans of anything in the vein of Don Toliver are sure to love this.

This is a track with heavy replay-value, and we encourage everyone to give it a spin.

19-year-old Melbourne singer-writer-producer SLOE JACK has just debuted with an explosive alt-rock banger, “Number,” standing out for its rebellious energy and cutting-edge creative vision.

A vigorous track with crunchy electric guitars, hypnotic drums, and fired-up punk vocals, “Number” is a cleverly-written, addictive exploration of heartbreak and fear of commitment.

Beyond being a complete banger, this Jack Laboz-assisted song is already making waves in the web3 space, as the first ever debut single to go live on Sound.xyz. Clearly, this is an artist ready to take risks and be a leader in the new music space.

San Diego-based artist Brent de la Cruz delivers high replay value throughout his bold, genre-bending debut project, Finding Boo.

Amongst a myriad of catchy, well-written tracks, "Dreaming" stands out to us most with its thumping drums, boisterous guitars, and impressive vocal performance.

It's not hard to see just how high of a ceiling Brent may have, so make sure you're tapping in now.

January 19th, 2022

You'd be forgiven for thinking 21-year-old, Boston artist Eph See is just having fun with their music. Filled with playful production and ad-libs, their debut EP, 'g*rlhood', requires a close listen to understand its true weight.

Throughout the project, Eph See conveys the harshness of the adult world while longingly gazing back at the blissful imagination and freedom that accompanies youth. In the songs themselves, delicate vocals pair wonderfully with minimal production, ebbing and flowing alongside thoughtful lyrics.

Having already crafted an EP with such thematic clarity, Eph See is certainly an artist to get familiar with right away.

January 18th, 2022

16-year-old namou shot onto our pages towards the end of last year with his debut, "not a summer song", and today he’s followed up with an equally profound track, “putdatfonedown”.

Detailing a situation when you’re talking to someone who’s not giving you attention, this cut is relatable, fun and extremely catchy. namou's lovable personality shines through his clever songwriting, which pairs with superb production (courtesy of Jack Laboz) to result in a winner.

We hope to hear more from this stellar artist-producer combo, but for now, join us in giving “putdatfonedown” a spin.

Rhode Island singer-songwriter Leggs has captured our attention with his powerful ballads that speak to the human experience.

Leaving an imprint with his evocative lyrics and vulnerable vocals, Leggs’ latest single, “arms”, transforms pain into beauty. He makes the misunderstood feel understood, and not just on this track, but throughout his entire discography.

Having released such a poignant, unique effort, Leggs is an artist to keep your eye on in the new year.

As we enter a new year, our ethos and mission remains (as it has for a decade and a half): unearthing and sharing the world’s most promising new talent. Today, we're kicking things off with Ghanian-American singer-songwriter-producer Sam Opoku and his single, “Boomerang”—a smooth, beautifully-written exposé on a previous relationship.

Whether it’s the cutting guitar, lush vocals, or clever prose, the level of quality here is what we'd typically expect from an artist at their pinnacle. Opoku writes and performs with a quiet confidence that’s impossible to ignore, and it's this sort of raw ability that makes careers, so tap in with him immediately.

Emerging Indiana-based artist Gutter Punk has released a project every year since 2018, showcasing an impressive work ethic despite remaining seriously under the radar.

His latest track, “Fighting For My Life,” is the one that really grabbed our attention. Combining finger-picked guitar melodies with hazy vocals and electronic production elements, this detailed, eclectic song gets better with each listen.

We can't wait to hear what Gutter Punk has in store for next year, but for now, join us in experiencing this superb track.

Lance Redeker made a splash earlier this year with his infectious single, "Truman", and today he's back with an explosive, experimental combination of rock and pop titled "Can I?"

Between bold melody writing, gritty guitar, and tasteful vocal effects, this one takes risks without hesitation. We know how difficult it is to execute a track this unique, and Lance has certainly done so here, effectively pushing the needle in his lane.

In "Can I?", Lance Redeker has shown he has what it takes to really make a name for himself, so make sure you're getting familiar.

Working out of his bedroom in Arkansas, 19-year-old macky infuses his eccentric personality and humor into feel-good alt-pop tracks which, beneath the surface, reveal heartfelt writing with impressive emotional-depth.

His latest single, “we don’t need no diamond rings”, is a bouncy, high-energy collaboration with bby nova about young love that transcends financial hardship. A mature evolution of macky's sound, the track envelops listeners in its vibey atmosphere, gorgeous guitar, delicately distorted vocals, and a sample of Kanye West screaming (according to macky's TikTok).

Be sure to check this one out while it's still fresh; we promise you’ll be singing along in no time.

Portland-based experimental pop artist Keith Cameron captures the chaos of adolescence on Hydroplane, his introspective debut EP inspired by the messiness of growing up.

Packed with distorted vocals, energetic guitar, and addictive melodies, this project has an obvious 'coming-of-age' feel to it. Through a diverse collection of tracks, Keith brings listeners on a suburban escapade, parting ways with his childhood and the hardships he faced. On perhaps the most vulnerable track, “Hydroplane,” Keith holds back tears before launching into a stripped-down alt-pop ballad. It’s a stark contrast from the eclectic, fired-up energy of “Crashed My Bike” or the chilled-out, woozy flow of “Feel Better,” and makes for a dynamic, realistic portrait of the ups-and-downs of adolescence.

Having created such an all-around stand-out debut project, Keith Cameron is on his way up, and this is your chance to know him early.

Few things are more special than uncovering an artist that captures your emotions effortlessly, and 19-year-old LUCA has done just that for us with his debut single, “Serotonin”.

Here, the Harlem-born talent invites listeners into a story of two people figuring out what love means to them. His soulful vocals combine with syrupy, guitar-driven production to create a densely layered track that feels undeniably LUCA.

This is up there with the best debuts we’ve heard in a while, and we can’t wait to see where LUCA goes.

Olive Amun's ability to consistently deliver hit-worthy tracks is something we almost take for granted, and today, the Australian talent is raising an already-high bar with "Sell My Soul"—a catchy, precise demonstration of talent.

Between a warm guitar riff, Amun's jumpy cadence, and an exceptional chorus melody, this is a unique kind of effort that not only has massive mainstream appeal, but also is clearly a cut above in quality. Amun's tone and writing prowess is special, and "Sell My Soul" only further clarifies that sentiment.

Born in NYC and raised between Nigeria and D.C., Stephn has been in the music scene for a few years now, releasing a project in 2019 and opening for Mac Ayres and Ari Lennox.

Now, he’s just dropped his first single since 2020, “ULTRAVIOLET”, which pairs crisp drums, hypnotic guitar riffs, and a vocal that rivals most in the alt-R&B lane. Intricate production reveals new elements with each listen, perfectly complementing the emotion that Stephn conveys throughout.

Stephn's clear direction, both visually and sonically, has strongly intrigued us, leaving us thrilled to be so early on this one-of-a-kind talent.

"What do you do when the world is falling apart? For Doublethink, the NYC/Bali-based anonymous music duo, they find meaning amidst the destruction—creating intricate, synth-laden soundscapes best described as “dystopian pop.”

True to their Orwellian namesake, Doublethink embrace contradictory truths through their sonic choices; their latest track, “I Find God,” is retro-futuristic synth-pop describing a paranoid young man who seeks divine guidance amidst impending apocalypse. The vivacious, bubbly synth chords and groovy rhythm mask the true anxiety of the situation—a paradoxical choice that’s at the core of Doublethink’s sound.

Full of funky flavor and existential dread, “I Find God” will have you dancing along in no time—yes, even if you feel like it’s the end of the world."

Currently based in New York, CIB (Celia Babini) draws inspiration from pop, electronic, and punk to craft a fresh, emphatic debut.

With a song name like “Viagra”, you never know what to expect, but CIB showcases her direct and impressive songwriting by diving into topics of self-worth and owning your sexuality. The stunning combination of gritty guitar riffs, stellar vocals and an explosive pop hook makes this an instant winner for us. There’s a lot of replay value here and it leaves us wanting more.

We’re excited to see what CIB can bring on her upcoming album, but for now, dive into this smash right away.

Earlier this year, 17-year-old Chloe Parché made an emphatic splash with her debut single, "Moneymaker", and today the Sydney-based artist returns with "Unfamiliar Faces"—a bright, upbeat smash with endless appeal.

When we heard her first song, Chloe won us over with reflective, simple songwriting and a naturally stunning voice; these qualities shine again here. Producer Luke O'Loughlin contributes fun, clean production to the replay-worthy tune, proving that this team is capable of making some of the most lovable indie-pop around.

"Unfamiliar Faces" feels like a step up for an artist showing immense promise, so make sure you're getting familiar.

November 15th, 2021

Pulling from elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, indie-rock, and jazz, DACEY are setting off a new-age storm. The Vancouver based 4-piece have been making noise in their hometown since 2019, and now they've offered up an immediate discography standout with their latest woozy piece of alt-r&b, “BITTER”.⁣

Here, DACEY replace yearning with animosity, ultimately deciding that being alone is better than being in bad company. Retro synths and melodic riffs are the vehicle for the group's undeniable songwriting talent, while ethereal vocals are perfectly juxtaposed with gritty textures, leaving space for each lyric to shine. ⁣

The track's apex follows a stripped-down interlude, culminating in a climactic breakdown of garage-rock drums and distorted guitars to close out the psychedelic R&B masterpiece. Don't miss it.⁣

South Florida-raised artist Hush Forte uses vulnerability like a superpower, creating introspective, experimental alt hip-hop tracks that explore existential dread like no other.

On his self-produced sophomore album, 'LOOK CLOSELY', Hush bares his soul, inviting listeners on a journey through the thoughts that haunt him at night. Blending genres freely, the album is packed with risks and gems, meshing catchy R&B-pop hooks, alt-rock guitar riffs, contemplative rap flows, and atmospheric production. The result is both surrealist and comforting, leaving us feeling a little more understood in our struggles.

'LOOK CLOSELY' thrives by not just portraying the complexities of Hush Forte, but of the human experience in general, making for a personal, relatable, forward-thinking project that indicates a lengthy career ahead.

Despite his limited catalogue, newcomer Keith Cameron pushes boundaries with each new release; today, he does so again with "Crashed My Bike"—a two-part, genre-bending smash that's sure to make some noise.

Whether it's the distorted verses, energetic drum breaks, or Cameron's lush vocals in the song's second half, this track pulls from several different genres while staying impressively cohesive.

With his music alone, Cameron is building a sonic world that's sure to set him apart from the crowd, so make sure you're paying attention.

It's become increasingly rare for us to find songs that hit with enough force to give us goosebumps, but Seattle-based artist Thavoron has provided just that with standout cut “bend, or” off his debut album, Ugly.

An atmospheric alt-rock track, “bend, OR” envelops the listener in an angelic soundscape created by Thavoron’s timeless vocals, minimalist guitar plucking, and heavenly melodies. Beneath the soothing sonics, though, lies a bittersweet pain told through cleverly-written lyrics about love's temporality, and the difficulties of loving someone when you never learned to love yourself.

With such a powerful track and all-around project, Thavoron is certain to shake up the alt-music scene.

We've been paying close attention to every song Seattle-based artist gcmayn has dropped, and today he's unleashing his most hit-worthy cut to-date with "someone else."

Whether it's the lush intro guitar, thumping drums, or gcmayn's anthemic vocals, this has all of the ingredients to really stand out in an otherwise saturated space. Leading with a hook can be a risky move if it's not strong enough, but this one is so imposing that whatever follows grows in stature by proximity.

"someone else" feels like a level up for an artist who's already proven to be incredibly talented, so make sure gcmayn is on your radar.

Canadian talent Avry has been expanding his sound through a string of singles—covering r&b, indie pop and dance—and now he's back with our favorite from him yet, "Petals."⁣

On the track, soothing guitar licks and nostalgic drums form the perfect base for Avry to showcase his clean-cut vocals. Between infectious melodies and his gentle delivery, Avry has us hooked, leaving us feeling like we've been transported back to blissful summer days.⁣

We’re certain there’s a lot more to come from Avry, so be sure to get on board early.⁣

16-year-old talent namou has burst onto the scene with an instantly lovable personality that shines through his ridiculously catchy debut single, “not a summer song”—a warm, energetic tune seeping with replay value.

Atop smooth, forward-thinking production (courtesy of Jack Laboz), namou demonstrates tongue-in-cheek songwriting with an admirable degree of self-awareness. Between its ear-worm melodies, varying vocal delivery, and clever voice-over outro, “not a summer song” packs a quick, digestible punch in a way few others could replicate—especially at this age.

namou is just getting started, but this debut single proves that he has all of the ingredients to really scale in this space.

Rarely does modern music earn the badge of timeless, but LA-based singer-songwriter BEL continues building a catalog deserving of that title. Today, she’s unleashed a pair of delightful tracks in “mason jar / wanna be” that, together, form a thematic exploration of the rural and urban environments that inevitably seep into one another in her personality and career.

Occupying a unique intersection of indie, folk and pop, both songs epitomize the skill and guile with which BEL so consistently writes and performs. Between the big, sprawling chorus in “mason jar” (produced by Tyler Thompson of girlhouse) and the clever wordplay in “wanna be” (produced by Bantug), these tunes boast impressive dynamism while remaining cohesive.

If it wasn’t already clear, this new release demonstrates just how special BEL really is, so make sure you’re getting familiar.

In the darkest of moments, Zevia transforms pain into beauty on her third single, “if depression gets the best of me"—a heart-wrenching pop ballad.⁣

Written as a letter to her loved ones, the brutally honest lyrics dive deep into Zevia's mental health journey—lamenting the back-and-forth between wanting to get better and wanting to disappear forever (but not wanting to let down the people closest to her).⁣

Unlike many others, Zevia’s angelic, powerhouse vocals are not obscured by over-production or hyper-processing. Instead, she opts for little more than piano chords, allowing her to properly bare her soul to the world.⁣

Zevia says that it's her mission to make people struggling with their mental health feel less alone, and she'll certainly be doing that with this special track.⁣

Brisbane artist Dritic has been a BTD favorite for some time, largely due to his unique ability to tell a sonic story; today, he’s expanded on that narrative with “Distance“—an emotive, lush collaboration with Lani Rose that could make a big splash in the alt-electronic space.

Atop a muted guitar riff and thick drums, Dritic and Rose take turns lamenting a past relationship in a way that’s become almost exclusively unique to the Aussie. With all the formulaic music being released these days, Dritic's composition and writing skills are so special that we’re forced to pay attention.

Dritic’s catalogue seems to grow in stature with each new release, and with “Distance”, he’s kept that streak alive and well.

With just three songs, London-based trio Kid Apollo have made their talent undeniable. Consisting of lead singer Jimmy and twin producers Felix and Theo, the group have a sublime piece on their hands with “lose yourself.”⁣

On the track, Jimmy showcases both his soothing vocals and spoken-word flow, combining perfectly with ethereal, mellow R&B production. They’ve created something both sonically and visually vivid here, which is no easy feat for artists this early in their career.⁣

Though they've been unmistakably inspired by R&B and hip-hop, Kid Apollo's music feels entirely true to themselves, so don’t be surprised if there's a meteoric rise in their future.⁣

October 12th, 2021

Sometimes, a song's quality is so obvious that it smacks you in the face, and that's exactly what's happened with LA-based artist Gidi's latest offering "Damned", a big, R&B-infused jam with infinite replay value.

Between the track's thumping drums, huge chorus and clever melodies, Gidi — with a tasteful feature by Jonah Mutono — has delivered a track with all of the ingredients to really go in this space. It has the type of energy you'd normally expect from a group like BROCKHAMPTON, but builds on that raw quality with a style of writing and vocal delivery entirely unique to Gidi.

We've been a fan of his work up to his point, but "Damned" feels like a promising inflection point for Gidi, so make sure you're getting familiar.

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